Youth Ministry


Youth Department

ages 13 – 17 

The GMO Youth Department uses innovative methods to train and equip our youth to live a prosperous and victorious life in Jesus Christ as they become self-sustaining productive citizens. We strive to cultivate opportunities for them to become spiritually, socially and emotionally empowered, without compromising Godly principles. Thus, producing law-abiding outstanding youth to become agents of change in our church and society.  This charismatic department designs, develops and implements programs and ministry opportunities that meet the spiritual needs of our youth.

Sunshine Band 

Ages 12 and under

The Sunshine Band is an auxiliary of the Women’s Department of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. The Sunshine Band offers meaningful and wholesome activities such as, bible study, music, praise dance, drama, art/crafts, field trips, and worship services. We desire to build a partnership between the home, the school and the church in order to provide a spiritual foundation for each child.         


Our purpose is to minister to and nurture the children twelve (12) years and under.  Focus on reaching out to our children and offer an opportunity for them to receive salvation.


Our vision is to train young people to lead the cause of Christ, and apply Christianity to every area of life. The Sunshine Band seeks to build character, faith, leadership skills, self-respect and self-worth. The Sunshine Band teaches appropriate behavior, biblical principles, and proper etiquette.


Seeks to help our children share their gifts, grow in life skills, develop a positive self-image, overcome prejudices, develop respect for differences, serve those in need, and develop a personal spirituality and prayerful life.

Want your children involved in the Sunshine Band? 

Contact Person: Sis. LaTasha Harris at 630-803-3103 or

Meet Our Youth Ministry Leaders


Elder Kevin Harris – Youth President 

Sis. LaTasha Harris – Sunshine Band President 

Sis. Delecia Copeland – Youth Chairlady 

Sis. Naomi Barnes – Treasurer 

Sis. Elizabeth Loving – Performing Arts Ministry Leader 

Sunshine Band Helpers: 

  • Sis. Tamra Anderson 
  • Sis. Amanda McCullum 
  • Elder Michael Jones

Brookfield Zoo Field Trip